Wednesday, January 12, 2011

That night


First of all I would like to thank Zaid Arif for his willing to take me out for a dinner
This is the 3rd time we celebrated together
That night was awesome! I wish I can click 'PAUSE' button .
He bought me to GARDENS restaurant, in curve damansara.
The food??? U ask me about the food? ZOMG, I must say that the food was super duper delicious!
& please don't ask me about the price. hehe :p

We talked, we share stories, we hold hand, we stares each other and we laugh.
I don't want to be old so that I wont forget bout this moment.
I've already wrote and noted this moment in my heart.
It will last forever, don't worry

Sayang thank you for the beautiful present.
You're such a sweet man.No regret for choosing you as my beloved ones :')
I wish I can hold your hand till I die.
I wish I can tell the whole world that "I LOVE YOU"

I hope I can celebrate my BORN DAY with you forever!

dhea osman,xx

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