Tuesday, February 8, 2011

designer :p

Tajuk pon dah gempak kan ;p
sbb skrg ni dhea mcm seorang designer je
sebab nye, dhea try nak buat design kasut sndri! wink wink
itu pon kalo jd lah kan.

dhea tahu korg nak tgk scratch nye kan,
Nah amik kau!

I'm not that bad at all :p


  1. Hello Dhea...
    U are doing great! because u have an idea on what to do.. who knows u can b a successful person one day and well-known like a Jimmy choo,who design shoes. All the best of luck...

  2. oh hi! thanks a lot!
    I'm currently doing business but all my shoes are not my design.
    So this is my first step! hehehe

    Nway, this is my website www.oxfordhea.com

    Have a nice day